“Lu” came back from mozambique

Last updated on 23/01/2020

As you know, I was blessed to go to Mozambique, Africa, in the state of Sofala. A land that God told me to go eight months ago and I would like to share a little of the experience I had in twenty-eight days there. It really is a remarkable culture with a charming and cheerful people, exotic and very tasty cuisine. I had the opportunity to learn a little about YWAM’s ministries in that state. In Dondo we worked in the area of ​​early childhood education at the creche of the “Little Beginnings” base, and I also had the opportunity to get to know the project that works with HIV positive people, to go to the men’s prison. I had the privilege of going to Marromeu, a town in countryside that brought joy to my heart for seeing God’s care for the people through the local YWAM workers, with discipleship work, help with basic food baskets for widows and evangelisms in villages that are part of the 10×40 window (unreached peoples). In these villages, before, the workers to get there had to stay three days in a canoe down the river, but now YWAM has a partnership with another organisation that provides air transportation to these places a few days a year and thank God I was there in these “some days “. They were many first times in my life; first time in another country, first time by helicopter, first time by canoe, first time eating exotic foods, first time talking about Jesus to people who have NEVER heard about God / Jesus.

My heart is grateful that you went with me in some way on this adventure full of challenges and achievements, and that brought great teaching to my personal and ministerial life.


Mozambique trip – November 2019
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