Income Generation with the F.A.N

Another dream coming true… For some years now we have dreamed of giving people in the community we work with more dignity. We understand that we work in the cultural, educational, social and spiritual area, Jesus being the only way, truth and life. However, guided by God, we also wanted to help in the economy of each family. We started praying for the income generation project in order to be able to offer something to the adults responsible for the families we work with. We can’t offer jobs but this project aims to give families the opportunity to generate an extra income. 

The project is carried out in partnership with F.A.N (Support Fund for the Needy) which is responsible for all technical aspects. Each participant comes to Casa Rocha for weekly training to learn how to make flipflops and sandals. The person will receive a value for each pair they make. They can also receive training to sell the sandals. They will then receive a set value for each pair sold.
Because of coronavirus, we were only able to have the first information meeting but couldn’t start the first training. But soon after these protection measures are suspended, we intend to restart this project in order to better reach the parents of the children and teenagers we attend.

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